One of the creepiest things about Olive’s lot (and that’s saying something) has to be her collection of interesting outfits, including Lyla Grunt’s dress and many, many service sim uniforms. She’s even got the social worker's uniform in there. Think about that one for a moment.

It’s such a great little detail/piece of evidence to include there to hint at the real story behind Olive Specter.

Olive Specter’s dead people fashion line 2K14.

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You know you like potatoes lol


why are people getting pissy about everyone genuinely having fun with each other and interacting in a positive way instead of a negative one for once??? Its almost as if we are a *gasp* community

there is hella radness radiating from u no wonder people unfollow have some chill man

Every time I finally post something a couple of people unfollow me like I just imagine someone scrolling through their dash until they see my post and go “oh I forgot to unfollow this loser lol”